About Mark

Accurate, precise, and systematic. These words describe my approach to business.

Being able to "tell it like it is" is a great asset, especially with my calm and objective approach to customers and their unique situations. This is especially important when my customers need to make important financial decisions that will impact their business, their customers and their families.

With 25 years of experience in this market, my knowledge of the asset, and my analytical skills, I reach a decision based on objective analysis of the facts.

I can quickly and expertly assess when a business deal will be good for my customers. And this is why my customers have returned to my company for 25+ years for their business financing needs.

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“I am a small independent transportation company. I needed a lender who understood my needs and who could work with me to provide sound financial options. Mark MacDonald with CFI Finance has proven to be simply…the best!”

Gary C. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

If you have a forestry business, trucking company, own a land management business, or serve the lumber and pulp industries, a snow plowing company, or similar business and require financing, we may be able to help you refinance your existing or to get started in your own business. Quickly.

Contracts, bidding, and tenders sometimes come up quickly for snow plowing, ditch clearing, and land clearing. When you do not have a typical credit history and when you don’t have the time to travel to the bank to complete their long credit applications, we can help by immediately assessing your situation and providing financing needs quickly, safely, and without stress.

“Mark was willing to help when I was just getting started in trucking. He makes his own decisions which makes it a personal experience. He provides quick responses to any questions or problems.”

Bill B., Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Canada